According the Nature magazine, among the seven technologies to watch in 2021 is feeling the physical force by cell.

“Besides growth factors and other molecules, cells also sense physical force. Force sensation can regulate gene expression, proliferation, development and possibly cancer.”

Deforming cells by physical (mechanical ) force is the basis technology of Nanorobotics Ltd. We are employing this mechanism to develop better cancer therapeutics and in future additional remedy to poor-prognosed diseases.  The vision of utilizing force inside our body stems from the various biological molecular machines operated in our body. These (e.g. RNA polymerase, DNA polymerase, Ribosome, Actin, Myosin and others) convert chemical energy into mechanical force. Our artificial molecular nanomachines (MNMs) convert photon energy into mechanical force. This force generation enables our potent molecules to drill and tunnel into the cells  and cause prompt cell deformation by necrosis.