Synthesis and Photostability of Unimolecular Submersible Nanomachines: Toward Single-Molecule Tracking in Solution

Víctor García-López, Jonathan Jeffet, Shunsuke Kuwahara Angel A. Martí, Yuval Ebenstein, and James M. Tour.
Org. Lett. 2016, 18, 10, 2343-2346
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Molecular Machines Open Cell Membranes

Víctor García-López, Fang Chen, Lizanne G. Nilewski, Guillaume Duret, Amir Aliyan, Anatoly B. Kolomeisky, Jacob T. Robinson, Gufeng Wang, Robert Pal5 & James M. Tour.
Nature 548, 567–572 (2017)
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Near-Infrared Light Activates Molecular Nanomachines to Drill into and Kill Cells

Dongdong Liu, Víctor García-López, Richard S. Gunasekera, Lizanne Greer Nilewski, Lawrence B. Alemany, Amir Aliyan, Tao Jin, Gufeng Wang, James M. Tour and Robert Pal.
ACS Nano 2019 13 (6), 6813-6823
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Visible-Light-Activated Molecular Nanomachines Kill Pancreatic Cancer Cells

Ciceron Ayala-Orozco, Dongdong Liu, Yongjiang Li, Lawrence B. Alemany, Robert Pal, Sunil Krishnan, and James M. Tour.
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2020, 12, 1, 410-417
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Light-Activated Organic Molecular Motors and Their Applications

Víctor García-López, Dongdong Liu, and James M. Tour.
Chemical Reviews 2020 120 (1), 79-124
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Molecular Nanomachines Disrupt Bacterial Cell Wall, Increasing Sensitivity of Extensively Drug-Resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae to Meropenem

Thushara Galbadage, Dongdong Liu, Lawrence B. Alemany, Robert Pal, James M. Tour, Richard S. Gunasekera, and Jeffrey D. Cirillo.
ACS Nano 2019 13 (12), 14377-14387
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Molecular Nanomachines Can Destroy Tissue or Kill Multicellular Eukaryotes

Richard S. Gunasekera, Thushara Galbadage, Ciceron Ayala Orozco, Dongdong Liu, Víctor García-López, Brian E. Troutman, Josiah J. Tour, Robert Pal, Sunil Krishnan, Jeffrey D. Cirillo, and James M. Tour.
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2020, 12, 12, 13657-13670
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Drilling Down in the Fight Against Bacterial Superbugs

Megan L. McCain.
Science Translational Medicine, Vol. 12, Issue 524, eaba2901 (2020)
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Molecular Machines Open Cell Membranes.

García-López, V. et al.
Nature 2017, 548 (7669), 567–572.
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Light-activated molecular machines are fast-acting broad-spectrum antibacterials that target the membrane.

Santos, A. L. et al.
Sci. Adv. 2022 Jun 3;8(22)
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