Platform Technology

Molecular Nanomachines

Our technology follows the discovery of synthetic machines, for which the 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to J-P Sauvage, Sir JF Stoddart, and BL Feringa. These tiny (1 nm) synthetic molecular motors can alter their conformation in a controlled manner in response to extern

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Potent Cell Killing Machinery Rotor-propelled MNMs drill and tunnel through the membranes of individual target cancer cells using their molecular-scale actuation (spin rate of 3 million rotations per second) to cause death instantly or administer drugs.

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Mechanical drilling by our MNMs can also be used to disrupt highly resistant bacterial cells. We have demonstrated that MNMs can been administered as antibacterial agents by drilling into the bacterial cell wall and increasing the susceptibility of drug-resistant bacteria to recently ineffective ant

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Other Applications

Nanorobotics is exploring out-licensing of its core technology for other non-medical applications. These may include:
    • Cosmetics
    • Agriculture
    • Biological computation
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