Board of Directors

Yossi Keret

Previously a CEO of a start up company from idea to application and from concept to a successful publicly traded company. Extensive management and financial experience. Financially lead a variety of international and public companies. Led private equity raising for public companies. Strong Involvement in M&A transactions.

General (Res.) Doron Gavish

Mr. Gavish engages in technology and business development for the private sector. This involves a wide range of fields, including cyber, automotive, and medical, among others. He is the representative of ELSAN group, the largest network of healthcare facilities in France. General (Res.) Gavish was a former commander of the Israeli Air Defense Forces and during his 30-year military service he pioneered multiple-layered Missile Defense Structure for the Israel Defense Forces.

Avishai Goldberg

Founded and successfully lead three different companies trading between Israel, Europe, Asia Pacific and USA. Mr. Goldberg has great expertise in business development, operations and making things happened. In recent years, Mr. Goldberg has focused on creating synergies between Japanese industrial companies and Israeli promising technologies.