Pushing the boundaries of molecular therapy.

Pushing the boundaries of molecular therapy.

Based on Nobel Prize winning technology.

Our Mission

To eradicate cancer by harnessing the power of programmable and targeted light-activated molecular nanomachines.

Meet Nanorobotics

Nanorobotics is a pre-clinical stage biotechnology company.

Our mission is to revolutionize cancer therapy through cutting-edge advancements, by a new modality of “mechanotherapy” building upon Nobel Prize-winning discoveries. At the heart of our vision lies a patented light-activated nanomachines platform, poised to redefine how we approach medical science and kill cancer cells by necrosis in 5-10 minutes.

Nanorobotics platforms leverage the unique characteristics of a Molecular Nanomachines (MNMs), which can drill mechanically through the cell membrane, to develop a pipeline of safe and effective molecular therapies for treating cancers that have shown resistance to conventional therapies.

 Nanorobotics leading molecule, MNM96, exhibits an excellent preclinical efficacy and safety profile and is well positioned to advance toward the first human clinical trials in 2025.

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